Cafe/Reception Room:

Just a little damp....!

Next Project.......... Mirrors!

We are still working on the mirrors project, the pressing need for repairs to the floor, and our specialist dance flooring became the next project.

Studio Two:

Studio One:

Beacon Arts Dance Schools

**********Reopening SATURDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2020******.

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Changing Room:

 December 2016

We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that has, so far, helped us on our journey to having a venue of our own for our dance classes. The transformation you see above would not have been possible without the help, support and generosity of a great many people, some of whom are listed below:

 To:           Penny “Queen of the Paint Brush” Clark                                        Richard “King of the Benches” Clark
                Loz Bunker, for the hidden café flooring                                        Nick of Lodge Security
                Richard “The Maintenance Man”
                Eric Edwards – for letting us loose with all our dancing, allowing us to make a few ‘modifications’ to his building
                Ben from Paramount Flooring, for the fabulous job of the Café floor
                Miss Steph for her purchasing support                                           Susan Blake

                Neil & Sarah Zambardi-Christie for the donation of the fridge!

 Studio One Painting Assistants:
Emma Baker                                        Stephanie Beaney                              Ben Deverill                          Lottie Deverill
Lucy Deverill                                        Eleanor Drosihn                                Amber Mitchell                     Anna Quick
Evridiki Ray                                         Alice Ruddock                                   Alice Warby (and her Dad J )          
Chloe Warne                                        Kitty Woolger                                    Amelia Wren                        Lucy Wren

Mr Woolford for making our coat hook holders, Serena Beaney & Holly Clark for bringing food when needed!

Theo & Michelle Quick – cleaning skills

To all our pupils and their parents, for their continued support and enthusiasm

We are very much looking forward to the exciting New Year ahead, and hope that everyone will continue to enjoy their dancing, and settle in to our new home.                     

Our Studio renovation       

                                     The Studio, 3 Boss Avenue, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4SD