Tap Dance

Acreative and fun form of dance, for both children and adults, providing an introduction to rhythm awareness, and fitness

We follow the ISTD examination syllabi, showing work in different styles and developing the students rhythm, and creativity, through an atmosphere of fun

The school hopes to offer the world of dance to all children, with opportunities available to those who show particular promise to continue further. The children can be entered for examinations, on reaching the required standard, throughout their time with the school, or simply dance for enjoyment.

Modern Dance

Our modern classes are carefully planned to teach students to be able to adapt, develop and evolve with the ever-changing fashion in dance.

The I.S.T.D. syllabus aims to train young people to become disciplined and versatile dancers. The children's work is based on natural movements: walking, running, jumping and skipping, developing in to a wide and varied .

It is designed to encourage an imaginative and rapid response from beginners.

The Jazz Awards provide a basic grounding in modern jazz, and are ideal for the late beginner as a recreational course of movement, or to suppliment the work in the grades. Boys' work has been developed to meet increasing demands for a modern dance training for boys.

Our staff is a collection of talented, dedicated professional teachers, who combine a love of dance with a desire to help others who want to achieve their highest potential. That passion shows in all we do! 

About Us

Our Mission

We love dance!

Beacon Arts Dance Schools

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Ballet is the classical performance dance which originated in the Italian courts in the 15th century, and forms the basis of many other forms of dance performed today. It is characterised for most people by the traditional ballet tutu, and women dancing gracefully on ‘pointe’. It includes elaborate gesture and expression, and a ballet in performance will tell a story of some kind, without the need for words, either spoken or sung.

 The study of ballet as a child develops strength and coordination through technically specific, controlled movement. Ballet will develop good posture, physical confidence, self-discipline, and an understanding of different types of music and rhythm.

We start our introduction to more formal ballet classes to children as young as 3, and already at this stage, the benefits of focus, strength, musicality and coordination can be seen.

The children love the repetitive nature of the exercises, as well as the music and the fun in running and skipping and jumping, pretending to be butterflies, falling leaves, soldiers, etc... developing their physical, social and emotional skills through dance and imagination.

We teach the ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet syllabus. This syllabus was first written back in 1913, and was based on the French School of ballet from the Paris Opera. The syllabus has evolved to promote the English classical style and addresses the changing needs of ballet dancers today. Children who attend class regularly, and who wish to do so will be entered for the childrens' grade examinations with the ISTD.

 ​We try to develop each child to their full potential through an atmosphere of enjoyment and dedication.  A great deal of personal development can be gained from the skills and qualities we aim to instill in our students, poise, confidence discipline and most of all enjoyment.

Former pupils have continued their training at the Arts Educational School, Northern Ballet School, Italia Conti School, Laine Theatre Arts, Master College of Performing Arts, The Centre College for Performing Arts, Surrey University, Bath-Spa University, Chichester and the Laban Centre, and are now performing and teaching world-wide.

Working alongside Miss Lisa, are Mrs Amy Bunker, Miss April Birch and Miss Steph Beaney.

Miss Amy is a former pupil of the school, and gained her advanced dance training and teaching qualifications at The Centre Performing Arts College. She is co-owner of The Studio with Miss Lisa, runs her own classes, specialising in pre school dance, with Amy's Dance Academy.

All teachers are registered with the ISTD, and are continually furthering their knowledge and experience with CPD courses and are dedicated and caring members of the school teaching team.