Lost Property            Please could parents name their child's uniform. The School will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property but will however try collect any property left at venues and hold in Lost Property bags - it will be held at the class venue for the remainder of the term, and returned at the earliest opportunity.  Please leave jewellery or valuables at home. The school cannot accept liability for loss or damage to such items.

Students can be entered for Imperial Society Examinations, on reaching the required standard, and will be offered the option at the discretion of the teacher.  Parents will receive written notice detailing the information, and are kindly asked to inform Miss Lisa if they do/do not wish their child to be entered before the exam deadline. Fees are sent to the exam board six weeks before the examination date. Refunds for examinations are not given unless the student can provide a doctors sick note. The I.S.T.D will a 50% refund towards another exam, on reciept of the doctor's note.

All graded examinations are accredited on the national qualifications framework (NQF) and are outlined below: 

I.S.T.D. Grade 1 – 3 – NQF Level 1 (equivalent - GCSE grade D-G)

I.S.T.D. Grade 4 – 5 – NQF Level 2 (equivalent - GCSE grade A* - C)

I.S.T.D. Grade 6 – NQF Level 3 (equivalent – A/AS Level) 

Students who successfully pass Grade 6, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1 or Advanced 2 can gain UCAS points from these examinations for University entrance.

It is the aim of all at Beacon Arts, in co-operation with the parents/guardians, to ensure the provision of safety and protection to all of the children and vulnerable adults whilst in the school’s care. We believe that all students have the right to be safe, secure and free from threat, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs. We aim to provide a safe and happy environment where children can learn to dance.

The Principal is responsible for:

- Updating policies and ensuring it they are brought to the attention of all teaching staff and parents/guardians
- Ensuring any issues or concerns brought to her attention in relation to child protection are investigated thoroughly and sensitively, and will ensure no child is discriminated against in terms of medical condition, disability, religion, colour, background etc
- Will ensure appropriate health and safety of the children, whilst in the school’s care during class/show rehearsals/shows.
- Will ensure she, and members of staff are insured.
- Retains the right to discharge any student who persistently disrupts the tuition, uses offensive language, or other anti-social behaviour.

The Teaching Staff:

- Are responsible for providing efficient, up to date, enjoyable and safe dance instruction to all students who enrol in the school or join school activities.
- Will keep a register of attendance and a list of emergency contact numbers and any medical conditions for each student
- Will keep a record  of any incidents in class, and any injuries to staff or pupils
- Will ensure any energetic instruction will only be given after a ‘warm-up’ session and will provide a ‘cool down’ wherever necessary to prevent injury
- Will ensure no very young student leaves the premises without their parent/guardian or other authorised adult. A member of staff will stay on the premises until all pupils have left.
- Will ensure that where physical corrections are required they are carried out in a careful and sensitive manner. (Due to the nature of dance training parents should remember physical contact is sometimes necessary)
- Will endeavour to keep the highest standard of instruction and behaviour, and ensure that they act in the best interest of the health and safety of any child in their care, at all times.
- Will report any incidents, misunderstandings or unusual behaviour by a student to The Principal

Examination Procedure.

Child Protection Policy

Beacon Arts dance school’s terms and conditions apply to registered students, their parent or legal guardian and it is your responsibility to
familiarise yourself with such terms and conditions prior to registration. On registering with us you signify your agreement with them and your acceptance establishes a contract between the school and the student/s parent or legal guardian.

Arrival and collection    Please make sure your child arrives in time to be ready for the start of class. Coming into class late tends to make children anxious and unsettled. So as to accommodate the next lesson, please ensure children are collected on time.  Please ensure your child has been to the toilet before class - toilet trips are very catching and mean children miss parts of class.

 Mobile phones are permitted to be brought into class but must be switched to silent. 

 As our classes are located within a public place, we advise that children wear appropriate clothing when arriving and leaving class.

Fees The term’s fees are dependent on the number of weeks in each term, and are required to be paid by the third week of term. Invoices are given out at the beginning of each term, and can be paid by cheque, cash or bank transfer. Discounts are given at the discretion of the principal, but these may be withdrawn if the fees are not paid within the required period. All fees are non refundable and prices are subject to change.
Fees are not refunded for missed classes. In the event of unforeseen school closure or cancelled classes due to conditions outside of our control, (i.e. adverse weather, health and safety, teacher illness) a refund or make up class with be arranged
Uniform Children are required to wear the correct uniform. Girl’s hair should be in a neat bun for Ballet from primary upwards and tied back for all other disciplines.

Viewing children’s classes Parents are not permitted to watch normal weekly classes (unless discussed with the teacher) as it proves to be very distracting to them. Open classes, where parents are invited to come and watch, are held during the last week of every term.

Students participate at their own risk, and are obliged to inform their class teacher of any existing injuries or medical condition and to be updated as and where applicable.

The liability of Beacon Arts and that of its staff is restricted to registered school students/members and class time only.

Expected behaviour  We adopt an anti-bullying policy. No bullying of any kind (verbal or physical) will be tolerated. Any abusive or unreasonable behaviour towards students, staff and/or helpers will also not be tolerated

General We reserve the right to modify or amend our “Terms and conditions” without notification that changes have been made, the most current of which will appear on our website. Your continued membership at the school shall signify your acceptance to be bound by the latest school terms and conditions.

Beacon Arts Dance Schools

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