Our adult programme takes place at The Studio, 3 Boss Avenue, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4SD

These are available as PAYG, or as a block, half term booking. It is possible to come on a weekly basis, or if you can reserve a place online please visit the Studio website

We also have classes taught by Pear Projects, and Mother Nuture Pilates, and AliGrace Wellness. Please check the studio website for further details of these.

Ballet Barre & Ball Class                 Monday          8.00-8.45pm                  Amy                                                                   

                                                       Thursday        7.15-8.00pm                  Amy

​                                                       Friday            9.00-9.45am                   Beth       

This is a toning and conditioning class based around a ballet barre, and using Swiss balls to improve muscle control, co-ordination and deep muscle fitness.  Suitable for all levels of ability, and something a little different to the traditional toning class.


Ballet – Beginner’s Level     Tuesday 7.30-8.15pm                                         Lisa

                                           Wednesday 8.30-9.15pm                                     Lisa

A perfect way to release your inner ballerina. Our beginner’s classes are suitable for those with no, or little previous ballet training. A perfect way to work on poise, co-ordination and enjoy the benefits of a traditional ballet class, with an emphasis on fun!

Ballet – Advanced Level      Tuesday 8.20-9.05pm        Lisa

A class for those with previous experience of ballet training. This is not a class suitable for beginners, but for those who have a good knowledge of ballet technique (even if it may be a bit rusty) We work on further developing our technique, and knowledge of steps, while enjoying a structured class. 

Tap – Beginner/Improvers Level        Thursday 7.15-8.00pm           Lisa

A brand new class for anyone who would like to try finding the rhythm in their feet! We will be starting from the beginning, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. An excellent way to improve fitness, co-ordination and develop a new skill for parties!

Tap – Advanced                   Thursday 8.10-8.50pm        Lisa

A class for those who would like to dust off their tap shoes, and recapture those Gene Kelly/Fred Astaire moments. This class will be for those who have previous studied tap, but will still guide everyone through the steps and any new combinations. Emphasis on fun, with a touch of fitness thrown in.


What to wear:

Any comfortable clothing, that enables full range of movement. (A leotard is not essential!)
Ballet barre & ball – ballet shoes or socks
Ballet Classes – ballet shoes with elastic (or ribbons!)
Tap classes – low heeled tap shoes

We can provide shoes at reasonable prices if required, please ask the class teacher for details.

Please feel welcome to try tap in a hard soled shoe for your first class, and ballet in bare feet or socks.


We operate a pay weekly, or half termly system (5-7 weeks). Booking for a block of classes will give a small discount, but missed classes are not refunded. We can accept cash, cheque or internet payments

Pre paid half termly = £5.00 per week     PAYG weekly = £6.00   

Autumn 2019 Term Dates:

Block One

Monday 6th January - Friday 14th February          =  6 weeks        

Pay Weekly   £6.00 per class                             Pre paid block fee £30.00 ( Missed classes non refundable)

Block Two

Monday 24th February - Friday 3 April                  = 6 weeks

Pay Weekly £6.00 per class                               Pre paid block fee £30.00  (Missed classes non refundable)

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